Facebook for non-Facebook users

Facebook for non-Facebook users

We have heard reports from several non-Facebook users that they are having issues viewing the videos that we have posted on Facebook.   Prior to posting the videos we checked and verified that Facebook does NOT require an account to view these videos.  Facebook willstrongly encourage’ you to sign up – nag you really – but these messages can be circumvented and ignored.  Hopefully, the following information will help you navigate this process

To access the West Side Facebook page go to https://facebook.com/westsideofws/.  Here’s an example of what you should see  when you’re not logged into a Facebook account.  Notice that the bar at the bottom implies that you need to log in or create a new account to see more.  Ignore it and…

When you start scrolling (to look for the video) the following screen will pop up again implying you need to log in or create an account.  WHEN THIS HAPPENS click “Not Now” (in small print after the “Create New Account” button.)

The ‘bottom bar’ that appeared on the first screen shot will reappear and will continue to block the bottom part of the window, but you can ignore it.   You will need to repeat this process any time your are not logged into Facebook.

Everyone  is facing a ‘learning curve’, so we encourage folks to closely read the screen messages.  Thanks for your help!